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Best Coffee Brands from Kenya




We love wine almost as much as we love coffee, which is why we’re obsessed with coffee brands from Kenya! Kenyan coffee beans have a bright, fruity acidity and subtle berry flavor that reminds us a lot of wine. So if you’re a Merlot lover like we are, you’ll absolutely love these coffee brands!

Kenyan coffee beans taste so unique because they’re grown at super high altitudes of around 6,000 feet. Coffee plants cultivated high up in the mountains grow slower than plants grown at lower elevations, which gives them more time to mature and develop the complex sugars that give coffee its amazing taste.

If you want gourmet beans with a bright, fruity flavor and a rich body but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for them, check out these Kenyan coffee brands. They’re a lot cheaper than other types of gourmet coffees grown at high altitudes (we’re looking at you, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee!), so you’ll be able to drink them every morning without breaking the bank.

Best Coffee Brands from Kenya
Best coffee brands from Kenya @stormcitycoffee

Volcanica Kenya AA Coffee Beans

Volcanica is one of our favorite coffee brands. They only sell high quality, gourmet beans, like these awesome Kenya AA coffee beans. Every country has their own way of grading beans, and AA is considered to be one of the best, if not the best, grade of Kenyan coffee. These beans are grown at elevations of 6,600 feet, so they have a superior flavor and fragrant aroma.

These beans also have a bright, pleasantly acidic flavor with notes of citrus and berries. They have that delicious winey aftertaste that Kenyan beans are known around the world for too! You’ll love drinking this coffee after dinner for dessert, as an afternoon treat, or in the morning to put a little pep in your step. Its zingy, fruity flavor is perfect for any time of the day!

Screen 18 Kenyan AA Single Origin Coffee

We love single origin coffees, like this one, especially since it comes from Kenya! When the coffee beans all come from the same place, you’ll get to really taste the flavors that make the coffee beans from that region special. If these delicious Kenyan beans were mixed with ones from other countries, they might not have as much of that bright, fruity acidity and clean, winey finish that we love!

Another thing we love about these beans is that they get that premium AA rating. These beans are some of the best, highest quality Kenyan beans money can buy, so get your hands on them and pour some into your favorite coffee mug!

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Kenya AA Nyeri Ichamara Coffee

This Kenyan coffee is unique because it has less acid than the others on this list. So if you don’t like acidic coffee, this is the coffee brand for you!

These beans are also roasted a little darker than some of the other beans on this list, which makes them easier on the stomach and brings out some special flavors in the beans.

Dark roasted beans contain higher amounts of a substance that prevents your stomach from producing hydrochloric acid. So even though dark roasts are richer, they’re actually easier on your stomach than lighter roasts. Isn’t that cool? Find out more about the different shades of coffees, here!

These beans also have flavors that are pretty special because they’re roasted a little darker. The roasting process brings out deeper flavors like black tea that you don’t usually taste in coffee from this region. You’ll also taste hints of peach and orange zest in your cup that will brighten up the deep black tea flavor. Sounds delicious, right?

Teasia Coffee Kenya AA Medium Roast

Teasia washes their beans before they dry them, which gives them a clean, bright finish with pronounced acidity. This wet-processing method really highlights the natural acidity and fruitiness already present in the beans.

This brand has a bright fruit-forward flavor with lots of citrusy and winey notes. If you really want to taste the full flavor of Kenyan beans, then pick up a bag of this medium roast!

Those are our four absolute favorite coffee brands from Kenya! Which brand are you most excited to try? We’re loving Teasia’s coffee!

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Want to try some other exotic coffee beans? Check out our list on our top picks of the Best Coffee Brands from Costa Rica. And for when you’re ready to start brewing; check out these 7 Beginner Mistakes When Brewing Coffee, and make sure you know what you’re doing to brew the most perfect cup of coffee!

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Thanks for reading, we’ll brew ya later! ☕️

Best Coffee Brands from Kenya


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