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Greetings from Coffee Sesh and welcome back if you’re a returning reader (we appreciate you taking the time to read with us). Today we’re going to help you figure out what kind of milk is better for frothing. We’ll lay out the pros and cons for popular milks and creamers used in coffee below.

Let’s get to frothing!

Best Milk For Frothing
Drawbacks of Each Milk @whitehorsecoffee

Soy Milk

The most popular of milk alternatives, soy milk is quite easy to froth, although it can never froth quite like cow’s milk. There are a few helpful tips when using soy milk for your coffee.

For one, avoid acidic coffees as much as you can! Soy is very susceptible to the acids found in coffee and can ruin the consistency of the milk upon pouring it. The consistency starts to clump up and the foam starts to go down, it’s a mess to say the least. When you use soy milk it’s best to use coffee that has low acidic content. A great tasting coffee that has low acidity is like Puroast Coffee, feel free to check out their house blend here.

Soy milk should not reach temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit when steaming it. This will cause the milk to curdle, we don’t want that at all!

We’re suckers for anything soy here at Coffee Sesh and we have tried many (if not all) variations available! However, we guarantee you that nothing tastes as good as a soy latte with soy milk that you made yourself! If you ever try homemade soy milk, you’ll find it makes a thicker microfoam that you don’t get with any commercial brand available. If you want a great soy milk, take a look at this organic soy milk to froth with your coffee at home.

Almond Milk

While almond milk can be very satisfying to froth once you’ve got the hang of it, we sometimes find the taste is almost always too strong and it takes the spotlight away from the coffee. What do you think?

It’s still a great, healthy alternative of milk as long as you’ve learned to froth it correctly obviously. The trick with this milk is mostly down to the brand. Try some different almond milk brands and find the one that not only tastes best for you but the one that foams best. If you need any suggestions to get started maybe try Blue Diamond almond milk or Califia Farms almond milk.

Best Milk For Frothing
Barista frothing milk for coffee. @foong_104

Oat Milk

In our opinion, the best milk right now for frothing! It’s delicious and provides the right amount of foam needed for the best texture.

Lately, we’ve been using nothing but oat milk and we have to say, it’s better than soy milk. The thickness of the milk makes for great foam, it’s really easy to froth; in fact, it seems to gain in thickness when you heat it up.

Another good quality of oat milk is that it has a slightly higher protein content than other dairy alternatives, which gives its foam a superior quality. Plus, good nutritional value!

This is another one that we suggest you make yourself. Oat milk is ridiculously easy to make compared to soy milk and you can control how thick you want the end result, resulting in better, richer foam. If you don’t want to go out and grab store-bought oat milk, feel free to learn how to make oat milk at home with our article here.

Coconut Milk

Full-fat coconut milk has a unique flavor. This, sometimes, makes up for the fact that it can be really difficult to froth. When we use coconut milk we always get big bubbles while trying to froth it, but it depends on the brand and types you’re using too. Don’t use low-fat because they’re basically white water with a hint of coconut, completely useless for frothing.

There’s an almond & coconut blend that’s perfect for people who can’t deal with the coconut flavor. We know some of you exist out there but still want benefits that coconut milk provides!

Speaking of coconut milk benefits, if you don’t know all the health benefits of coconut milk read our full article about it here.

Best Milk For Frothing
Latte art using foamed milk. @wal_barista

Cashew Milk

We like the taste of cashew milk, but commercial brands are always too thin for it to make any sort of decent foam.

For cashew milk to be a serious alternative in your repertoire, you’d have to make it yourself, adding a little more cashews to the nut-to-water ratio you’ll find on the internet in order for your milk to come out creamier and thicker. This way you’ll make a much better foam with a taste superior to that of almond milk. Take a look at this cashew milk recipe to make at home.

Cow’s Milk

There’s nothing like whole milk when it comes to frothing. It’s immensely rewarding, the consistency of the milk, the thickness of your foam.

Frothing whole milk makes for the best, most stable foam that you can get. It’s ideal for latte art and for drinks that require a lot of foam.

If the fat content of whole milk seems like too much for you, 2% milk gets very similar results, although it’s thinner and less fun to steam.

Best Milk For Frothing
Frothed milk in black cup. @mrsbeor

Thank you for reading with us today! Let us know in the comments below which milk is your favorite to use with your coffee. Be sure to also check out “5 Most Popular Coffee Drinks in America” to see how these kinds of milk are incorporated into the best coffee drinks in America.

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We’ll brew ya later!! ☕️

Best Milk For Frothing



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