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Delonghi ECP3630 Review & Buying Guide






Anyone enthusiastic about coffee will appreciate the feeling of steamy, freshly home-brewed coffee in the morning, or any time of the day.

But you can only enjoy the comfort and convenience of making your coffee when you need it by investing in a dependable espresso maker. And, a perfect example is the DeLonghi ECP3630 Espresso Machine.

It is a functional espresso machine that is ideal for new baristas. It will work for you if you are looking to dip your fingers into the world of coffee making for the first time and brew like a pro from home. Besides, the semi-automatic machine is pretty affordable and guarantees you the best espresso from the comfort of your home.

Today, we will focus on the essential features and what makes it stand out among hundreds of entry-level coffee makers!

Design, Components, and Parts of the DeLonghi ECP3630 Espresso Machine

To understand this exquisite kitchen equipment, we find it ideal to discuss its design, parts, and components that make it click. While most users give it that semi-automatic tag, the espresso and cappuccino machine is more manual than automatic.

Design, Construction, and Durability

We are going to be very honest with you. The DeLonghi ECP3630 is not the most eye-catching espresso machine in the market, but it still looks pretty good.

It is significantly constructed from gray plastic and brushed stainless steel on the control panel. There are also traces of chrome on the dials, grill, steam wand, and the portafilter. The design is pretty faultless and durable.

Also, this espresso machine features a compact and lightweight build of 9.6 by 7.2 by 11.9 inches ( 24.3 x 7.2 x 30.2 cm) and 9.8 pounds (4.4 kg) respectively. This makes the DeLonghi ECP3630 very easy to move when you need to do so.

Control Panel

Interestingly, on the front top part of the projection machine sits the control panel of the appliance.

It features two LED indicators and a single switch. Both of these are easily accessible. With only these features on the control panel, this machine takes pride in unbeatable simplicity.

Water Reservoir

Making coffee or any other coffee-related drink requires coffee and water. And where best would a coffee machine have its water than the reservoir?

Like every other coffee maker, the DeLonghi ECP3630 also features a water reservoir. The reservoir is conveniently located in the machine’s body. However, you will marvel at the fact that the container is conveniently removable by opening up the lid and pulling it out.

it has a convenient capacity of 37 ounces (1.09 liters) and features a transparent front to help you see the amount of water left.


Now to something even more important in the coffee-making process is the porta-filter. It is the component that holds ground coffee beans to create a drink of your choice after mixing it with the water from the reservoir. You will need to remove the residue after each use and refill the portafilter with new ground coffee for the next cup.

Again, you need to know that the appliance comes with various sizes of portafilters, making it possible for you to make various sizes of your preferred drink.

Drip Tray

Who wants to see a messy kitchen? No one does. So, the manufacturer of this productive machine includes a drip tray to collect any drops that spill over. You can always clean it when you are through with the coffee-making process.

Who Is It for?

Who is the DeLonghi ECP3630 most suited for?

Firstly, the simplicity of this kitchen appliance makes it very suitable for housewives, beginners, and new baristas. It is pretty simple to use and anyone can easily get a tasty drink from it. The control panel is equally simple to understand and features only the basic characteristics of a typical cappuccino maker.

The appliance is also ideal for people who take lots of coffee or those who host guests from time to time. That’s because it takes pride in a large water reservoir of up to 37 ounces (1.09 liters). Such a big reservoir saves you from consistent and time-consuming refills.

How to Use the Delonghi ECP3630

We already mentioned that this espresso machine is one of the simplest to use on the market. We still stand by that, and even dare to add this compact machine stands out for its simplicity.

The following steps should help you use it effectively;

  • Fill the water reservoir with clean cooking water.
  • Plug the device into a power source.
  • Switch the machine ON by turning the knob to the right.
  • The water will begin to heat, and while the heating goes on, load the desired portion of ground coffee beans in the appropriate filter basket and install it in the dispenser.
  • Wait until the “Ready” light indicator flashes up to signify that the heating coil is ready.
  • Place a cup that is no taller than 5 inches (12.7 cm) under the spout.
  • Turn the knob further to the right to initiate the brewing process.
  • You have the option to turn ON the steam wand by turning the knob to the left in case you want a fluffy top over your coffee.

The above process gives you some good plain coffee to enjoy with friends and family. However, if you like milk drinks, you will need to inject some air directly using the wand.

How to Clean the Delonghi ECP3630 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The most sensitive part of this equipment is the portafilter. And you need to ensure that you clean it after each coffee shot. An effective way to clean the portafilter is to empty the residue and rinse it with tap water.

Another part you will need to take care of is the steam wand. While it doesn’t get with water as other parts do, it does need careful cleanup. This, too, should be done after every use. You can do this by preparing a cup of water and submerging the wand in it for about a minute. Take it off and use a kitchen towel to wash off any excess.

You will also need to clean the water reservoir about once a week to minimize the chances of bacteria development. Note that a reservoir that is rarely in use has more chances for bacteria breeding and development than one that you use often.

So, wash the reservoir more frequently if you don’t use the appliance much. As for the rest of the machine’s body, wipe dry occasionally to eliminate stains.


  • It is pretty compact and lightweight.
  • You can achieve various milk foam thicknesses.
  • It features a simple and easy to use design.
  • It is ideal for beginners.


  • It doesn’t come with a grinding machine.

Final Words

If you are a beginner, looking for a simple coffee, cappuccino, or espresso machine, the Delonghi ECP3630 meets your coffee needs. The machine saves you time and money as you can conveniently make your desired coffee portions from the comfort of your home. besides, it is fairly priced and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Is there a better way to enjoy steamy coffee drinks whenever you want?


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Delonghi ECP3630 Review & Buying Guide

Anyone enthusiastic about coffee will appreciate the feeling of steamy, freshly home-brewed coffee in the morning, or any time of the day. But you can...