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Beans Coffee Fruit: How Come Coffee is a Fruit?

Coffee Fruit: How Come Coffee is a Fruit?




Ah, yes, the coffee bean. The source of our beloved drink.

We know so much about what we drink every day and about all the ways to make it. When it comes to the plant, that is the sole reason it exists. We barely know anything. Most importantly, those coffee beans are fruit.

What Is The Definition Of Fruit?

Well, there is many ways “fruit” has been defined, but the most common ones are:

A fruit is the mature ovary of a plant.

The fruit is a part of the ovary’s structure that bears seeds.

These two statements aren’t the same, but the message stays clear: the fruit is part of the reproductive system. This definition is only botanical, though, which is why a lot of other things are still classified as fruits.

The ones that are out of the ordinary are tomatoes, nuts, avocados. And yes, coffee beans.

How Does a Coffee Plant Work?

The apparent parts that all plants have, like leaves and roots and the processes they complete, like photosynthesis can all be found in the coffee plant. But we already knew that every single plant works this way, so let’s concentrate on the fruit.

If you look at a coffee plant that is ready to be harvested, then one thing will inevitably pop out to you. The purple or red cherries. These are very light in color and can easily be spotted. They have very little meat and taste. It could be compared to watermelon or rosewater, but not nearly as sweet. If you want to try one, then it can be an excellent snack, don’t expect yourself to fill up from a handful.

But we aren’t interested in the cherries themselves. Instead, what’s important is on the inside. Like all cherries, these have two pits as well. That’s what our coffee beans are.

At this stage, they are still green, as their primary purpose is to procreate. They are a seed, after all. But after being picked, they will be harvested and go through several processes before being roasted. After that, it’s a straight road to coffee for them.

Take a look at some of the differences between different coffee beans in “Coffee Insight: Arabica vs Colombian Coffee“.

So, Is Coffee a Fruit?

Well, we can say so. It’s coffee Fruit

Botanically they are classified as one, but so are many other things. We still wouldn’t put roasted coffee beans in our fruit salads. But of course, that’s for an excellent reason.

At most they are seeds. So while botany says otherwise, most people (even some baristas) prefer to call them seeds, as this is a more precise term for those who aren’t familiar with a plant. Are you a barista yourself? Check out “5 Pro Tips to Become a Great Barista With Ease” for tips on becoming the best barista you can be.

After all, remember what you first imagined what a coffee bean would look like as a fruit. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you call it. Coffee is not something you can classify, as it’s quite challenging to do so. So how about we call it our favorite morning drink?

Did you know that coffee was a fruit before reading this? If not, was it a shock? Tell us down below! Check out “What’s the Difference Between Arabica vs Robusta Coffee Beans” or “5 Coffee Myths Debunked” for more coffee insight that you probably didn’t know about before as well.

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Thank you for reading! We’ll brew ya later!! ☕️

Coffee Fruit: How Come Coffee is a Fruit?

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