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Guides Myth Debunked: Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

Myth Debunked: Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?




You may have been hearing this your entire life: “do not drink too much coffee, it will stunt your growth” or “You are a growing teenager, coffee is no good for you!”. It’s a phrase everyone has heard—does anyone else hear their mother’s voice ringing in their ear—either directed at yourself or at others. It may have kept you up at night, or simply made you question why you did not grow to be as tall as your brother. Either way, it is a common idea that a good amount of people believe.

Does coffee stunt your growth? We have very good news for you though. Coffee does not stunt your growth. It never has, and it never will.

There are no studies to prove that this is even a possible side effect of a coffee addiction, so do not even worry about it anymore! It is not to say that this is a neglected side of research, but even just the studies around it have not yet found a reason to believe that coffee would stunt your growth.

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The Truth Behind the Myth

Coffee can be bad for you, in some ways. Coffee can cause heartburn, is harmful if over-consumed during pregnancy, and it is definitely addictive. That last one is probably TOO relatable for some of us. These are all only a distant concern for anyone who drinks coffee in moderation, because if that is a case then you are more than okay. Take a look at “Why is Caffeine Bad During Pregnancy” to see the downside of caffeine not only during pregnancy but in general.

It is important to remember that coffee has caffeine in it, and that is where the concern comes from. It is said that caffeine affects the absorption of calcium into the bones, which would then affect bone health and growth. The truth is, that is such a small offset that it will not cause noticeable issues or concerns for your bones long term. Just by adding milk to your coffee, even if it is just every once and a while, will make up for any small amount of calcium loss. Coffee does not stunt your growth but some extra calcium never hurt anybody.

Be sure to also check out “Why Coffee is Bad for You” for more info on why coffee is bad for your body.

Growth of Your Coffee

While the good outweighs the bad for most of us, it’s easy to see why someone simply said it will stunt your growth. It is a nice umbrella term to scare you away from any of the other small health effects of coffee—but that is just not fair to scare the kids like that! This is not to say that kids should be doing espresso shots by age 14 though, because the addiction should be saved for those prime college years.

Next time someone asks, “Does coffee stunt your growth?” Simply tell them it does not, but keeps you upright and standing tall on a long day! Or better yet, show them this article. Here’s to another myth debunked, because coffee does not stunt your growth.

Also, it is always good to remember the good that coffee does for your body. Besides the basic premise that coffee keeps you awake, here are a few other reminders for you:

  • Coffee contains potassium, magnesium, and several other nutrients that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Manganese is a nutrient found in coffee that helps improve your bones.
  • Coffee can help reduce the risk of developing diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Coffee can have positive effects on heart health.
  • Drinking coffee might even help you live longer, which just means more time for you to enjoy coffee! Read more on that and other benefits here.

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Myth Debunked: Does Coffee Stunt Your Growth?

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