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The Top 5 Best Coffee in the World (Coffee Review)




For a long time, we bought coffee beans at our local grocery store. We didn’t research the best brands or countries to get coffee beans from—we just picked random bags based on the description and design on the packaging.

While we did get some decent cups of coffee out of the beans we bought, we really upped our coffee game when we started researching the best coffees. We had to order them online or drive out of our way to get them, but these gourmet coffee beans were oh so worth it!

Ever since we started shelling out more money for gourmet coffees like these, we can’t stop day dreaming about our next cup! Today, we thought we’d share our favorites with you so that you can experience what a perfect cup of coffee tastes like.

We think that these are some of the best coffee beans in the world, and we know you will, too!

Coffee connoisseurs love Kona coffee beans, and so do we! They’re grown in rich, volcanic soil in the Kona region of Hawaii, which is how they got their name. The fertile soil provides the perfect growing conditions for coffee and produces beans that have unmatched complexity and smoothness when brewed.

You’ll get warm notes of caramel, honey, and butter in your cup of Hawaiian coffee. Some brands also have hints of fruit, vanilla, or nuts. One of our favorite brands, Imagine, has a nutty, macadamia taste because it’s grown in the shade of macadamia trees.

Kona coffee is known for being lower in acid and easier on the stomach than other types. So if you’re prone to heartburn and digestive problems, this is the coffee you should be drinking!

When buying Kona coffee, there are a few things you need to watch out for. Lots of brands mix a small amount of Kona beans with lower quality ones and call it a “Kona coffee blend.” Kona beans sells for a high price, so they use the name to jack up the price on much lower quality beans. (How rude!)

To avoid getting a low quality blend, we like to buy beans from brands like Imagine that have a good rating from the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Their beans are rated “extra fancy” which is the best rating you can get! Look for extra fancy or fancy beans if you want to ensure that you’re getting an authentic, quality product.

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Jamaica Blue Mountain beans may just be the best coffee beans in the world! They’re grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica at high altitudes, which is the reason why they taste out of this world!

The government restricts the amount of beans that can be grown to keep the supply low, so they cost a pretty penny. But boy, are they worth it!  The beans go through an exhaustive cultivation and sorting process to ensure that they’re the highest quality, and you can taste the difference in every sip.

Our favorite brand of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans have a rich, robust aroma and taste. You’ll detect notes of chocolate and orange in your cup, and appreciate the smooth finish of this medium roast. Not sure what roast best fits you? Have a read about the different shades of coffee that best fits your taste.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees has just a touch of acidity that gives it a bright, clean finish. As it cools, an herbal note that tastes like mint emerges, so you may notice it when you take your last few sips. You’re going to absolutely love this complex brew!

We like to buy our beans from Volcanica Coffee because we’re sure they’re authentic. Some brands try to mix lower quality beans in with a small quantity of Jamaica Blue Mountain and call it a blend. This brand is certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, so we know it’s the real deal and feel comfortable splashing out for it. It’s worth it!

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Colombian coffee growers pay a crazy amount of attention to detail, which is what makes their beans the best of the best!

In other regions, coffee beans are picked off the branch at the same time, but not in Colombia! Farmers go around picking the ripest beans off the branches of each coffee plant every single day. Beans that aren’t quite ready yet are left on the branch to ripen some more, so every bean is perfectly ripe.

Another reason why Colombian beans are great is that they’re grown in the Andes Mountains. The Andes are the perfect spot for growing coffee due to their high elevation. Coffee beans grown at higher altitudes have more nuanced, complex flavors. They grow slower, which gives them time to develop the sugars that give coffee all that rich, delicious flavor that we love!

Volcanica is one of our favorite coffee brands, so it’s no surprise that they make our favorite Colombian coffee beans. Their beans get the highest possible rating in Colombia’s grading system, so they taste divine. They produce a sweet, smooth, slightly nutty cup of coffee that’s so good you won’t even need to put creamer in it!

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Guatemala produces some of the best dark roast coffee we’ve ever tasted. It’s rich, complex, sweet, spicy, and a little smoky. It’s like winter in a cup, and we can’t get through the cold months without it!

Our favorite Guatemalan beans are grown in the Huehuetenango region. The mountain range they’re grown on is one of the highest in Central America. The super high altitudes help the beans develop a full body, which gives them a heavier, richer taste than some of the other beans on this list.

These beans are also low on acid, so they have less of that bright, fruity taste that some other kinds have. If you’re prone to heartburn or stomach problems, though, that’s good news! This is a good coffee for you because it may aggravate your symptoms less than beans with higher acidity.

So if you like a rich, dark cup of coffee with plenty of sweetness and spiciness, this is the coffee for you! It the perfect beverage for the colder months and would go great with some wintertime treats like gingerbread!

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Did you know that it’s illegal to produce anything but the best coffee beans in Costa Rica?

You heard us right! In 1989, lawmakers passed a law that banned coffee growers from producing anything but Arabica beans, which are regarded as the best coffee beans money can buy.

As you can see, Costa Ricans are very serious about their coffee, so you know you’re getting the best of the best when you buy beans grown in their country.

Costa Rican beans have a full body, robust flavor, and a fruity acidity that will dance on your tastebuds. You’ll smell notes of brown sugar and detect hints of tropical fruit in this delightful cup of coffee. It might just become your new favorite brew!

Our favorite Costa Rican beans come from Cafe Britt, a local brand that sells top quality hard beans. Hard beans are grown at high altitudes between 4,000 and 4,500 feet above sea level, which gives them a superior flavor that you can taste.

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Well, there you have it! Those are the best coffee beans in the world, according to us here at Coffee Sesh.

Which beans are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments section below, and don’t forget to join our coffee-loving-community on Instagram! Also if you want to learn more about making coffee from people just like you, be sure to join our private Facebook group here at Daily Coffee Talk. You’ll be able to learn how to brew, how to roast and most importantly how to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee!

We’ll brew ya later, have fun tasting these coffees! ☕️

The Top 5 Best Coffee in the World (Coffee Review)

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